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Registering yourself in a psychology degree of a credible and prestigious college can be an outstanding thing in your entire life. One of both prestige and credible colleges in the United State is American University. Dare to enroll yourself in the psychology degree programs from American University, especially in the American University Clinical Psychology?

About American University

Along with qualified schools, colleges, and faculty, American University is willing to provide this world with meaningful change. Moreover, American University suggests a balance between students’ class time and students’ career-advancing experience in Washington, DC.

Until today, American University has 11 doctoral degrees, 76 master’s degrees, 68 bachelor’s degrees, and also a JD program in addition to the certificate programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Overall courses in this university run on a fifteen week semester.

American University has seven major schools and also colleges. Some of them are:

  1. College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

This school or college is the largest at this university. It was founded in 1925. CAS has many departments, including psychology. For you who want to study more about clinical psychology, this university has American University Clinical Psychology Faculty PhD Program.

  1. Kogod School of Business (Kogod)

It’s founded in 1955 and has several departments, including finance and real estate, accounting and taxation, international business, and so on. Kogod offers several degrees, including undergraduate degrees and a master of business administration.

  1. School of Communication (SOC)

The SOC is perfect for you who dare to study the field of film and media arts journalism, and public communication.

  1. Washington College of Law (WCL)

This WCL is founded in 1896. The WCL became the first law school that was founded by women. In this school, you will learn a legal education and also supreme real-world experience along with its programs.

About Clinical Psychology PhD Program at American University

The Clinical Psychology PhD Program from American University is a subset of the Department of Psychology. This PhD program from American University offers the study of clinical science along with the exact training in applied and research clinical work.

Clinical Psychology PhD program at American University has been accredited since 1972 the American Psychological Association Committee on Accreditation (CoA). This PhD program committed to giving skills for students in order to pursue careers in clinical practice, research, and also academics.

Until today, the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Progam’s reputation is increasing. It means that when you enrolling yourself in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program of American University, you’re going to get a great, even the best reputation. American University Clinical Psychology application in real life will also make your life better.

With this PhD program, students will study many topics, highlighted on the cognitive behavioral theory, treatment, and its process. Then, the detailed areas of the faculty,  including the African-American hot issues, cognitive assessment and therapy, drug expectancies, human services program evaluation, Borderline Personality Disorder, eating disorders, and so on.

Put yourself in this American University Clinical Psychology and get the best time and future with it. Apply now!