Industrial Organizational Psychology Program

Industrial Organizational Psychology Programs (an Overview)

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Industrial Organizational Psychology Programs (an Overview)

Have you heard the I-O Psychologist? I-O Psychologist stands for the Industrial and Organizational Psychologist. This person is conducting the psychological study in the workplace. As the I-O Psychologist is important, the Industrial Organizational Psychology Program is also important to be studied.

What does an I-O Psychologist Do?

In an industry or organization, an I-O Psychologist is needed. I-O Psychologists must do several jobs in an industry or organization. The Industrial and Organizational Psychologist is different from the Human Resources Development Team. Here are the jobs for Industrial and Organizational Psychologist position:

  1. Recruiting New Employees

Recruiting new employees is not easy. Many considerations must be taken in recruiting new employees. An I-O Psychologist can help the Human Resources Department Team in recruiting new employees by exploring the personalities of employees-to-be.

A great company or industry has great employers. To look for the best candidate, the Industrial and Organizational Psychologist is helpful.

  1. Evaluating the Performance

After recruiting new employees, the I-O Psychologist should make evaluations of the employees’ performances. This evaluation is made in order to know the development of every employee in an organization or industry.

  1. Setting the Goal of a Company or Industry

A company or industry must have one or some goal to be reached. Who is setting the goals? Yes, an I-O Psychologist is taking the role as the goal setter of a company or industry. Working with other persons such as manager, HRD, and others, the I-O Psychologist should be included in the process of goal setting.

How to be an I-O Psychologist?

To be a skilled I-O Psychologist, there are several steps you can take. Here are they:

  1. Take your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is the first step you should take. To complete your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, you need about 4 years. Do your best in this degree, since the next step is more challenging.

  1. Take your Master’s Degree in Psychology

After graduating from your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, the second step you have to take is going to the further step: a Master’s Degree in Psychology. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, you will have more skill, more valuable knowledge, and more valuable experience.

  1. Take your Doctorate Program or PhD Degree

The Doctorate Program or PhD Degree will help you to be a skilled I-O Psychologist. Most employers are looking for PhD, graduated students for this position. Some employers stated that to be an I-O Psychologist, someone should have several licensures or should pass the licensing exams for additional requirements.

  1. Check Professional Licensing Requirements in Your Area

Before applying a job to be an I-O Psychologist, you have to know about the licensing requirements in your area. This licensure will help you in getting the best position in a company. A licensed PhD is also more prestigious and commonly receives more salary.

Dare to be an I-O Psychologist? The Industrial Organizational Psychology Program then will be the best program for you.