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The San Diego State University Psychology Major

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The San Diego State University Psychology Major

San Diego State University Psychology is a scientific discipline, which studies the human mental processes and also human behavior. In this major, you will get acquainted with human brain, how it works, and also several mental health issues. Here is the complete description of the SDSU’s Psychology Major.


As a scientific discipline, Psychology Major at SDSU will bring you to study how the human brain works and how the human beings develop their thinking, feeling, and learning processes. Psychology itself has many subsets. In the Psychology Major, you will study the common psychology in various settings, such as at home, at the workplace, in the laboratory, and in many other places.

Moreover, you will be involved in several researches that focus on several areas of psychology subsets, such as:

  • Prenatal environments. It is including the influence of human beings’ hormones and also drugs on the brain’s development.
  • The normal environment in learning. It is including the study of learning, cognition, and memory.
  • The childhood environment. It is including the emotional and social aspects and also the cognitive development of this environment.
  • The adult environment. In this case, students will learn how the adult or the elderly give responses to the environmental and biological aspects.

Career Options for Psychology Major, Graduated Students

General career opportunities for Psychology Major, Graduated Students are:

  • Working in the business settings, such as being a public relation services, buying a training staff, and being a manager.
  • Working as a teacher, such as teaching children, elementary school children, preschool children, and the secondary lever children.
  • Working as a researcher, such as conducting research for your college, for you government, and also for organization.
  • Working in agencies, such as working as the health service in several health care, clinics, and also hospitals.
  1. A Bachelor’s Degree

For a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology graduated student, there are many settings they can take. They can join in wide areas, such as hospitals, state agencies, local agencies, health care services, in the business areas, and many more.

  1. A Master’s Degree

With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, you can get more experience and work in many areas. The first career option for you is the counselor. There are many counselors surrounding us, such as family and marriage counselor, career counselor, clinical social work, child counselor, the school counselor, and many more counselors.

Being a Master’s Degree in Psychology graduated student means that you can conduct more and more research.

  1. A Doctorate Program

If you want to broaden your skills, knowledge, and experience, you can continue your step to a Doctorate Program in Psychology. You will study more and more about the human mental processes and the human behavior. Moreover, you now can teach at university levels.

In addition, a San Diego State University Psychology Ph.D graduated students are being able to do the supervision training in their clinical practice.

Those are several important things about San Diego State University Psychology Major. After knowing all about it, dare to enroll at this prestigious college?