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Brief Information On University Of Houston Counseling Psychology

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Counseling psychology program is one of the subset of psychology program in university. This program blends applied work and research in many domains, such as career development, training center, and many more. It’s why counseling psychology program in the U.S. becomes a favorite program among many programs. One of those is University of Houston Counseling Psychology.

Brief Information on University of Houston

The University of Houston-Victoria or the UHV commits to giving opportunities to their students to make marks in the world. The UHV founded in 1973 along with the campus center in Victoria. The UHV also provides accessible and cheap education for all of its students.

Face to face or direct classes are available in the UHV’s campus center in Victoria. The UHV offers affordable education for all students. In fact, it is indeed providing affordable and high quality education for all of its students. It also offers several grants, scholarships, or loans.

At 1973, the UHV was known as the University of Houston Victoria Center. It only had 356 students in 24 faculty members. The, at 1983, this university has been given its new name, that is the University of Houston-Victoria.

The UHV offers 70 master’s and bachelor’s degree and concentrations in various fields, such as health professions and human development, and arts and sciences. In its school of arts and sciences, students are prepared to be a skilful person and leader in the private and public sectors.

In its school of business administration, all students will be prepared to have great skills to succeed in various cultures and economics. Meanwhile, in schools of education, health professions and the human development, all students will be prepared to be useful people to help others and the world to develop.

Counseling Psychology Programs of the UHV

The UHV has a qualified counseling psychology program in the Master’s Degree of Counseling Psychology. This program will lead students to a Master of Arts. This program is 60-hour graduate program. Preparing its students to give counseling or psychotherapy to needed people, this program has a strong clinical component.

Moreover, this program is also meets the needed academic requirement for the LPC or Licensed Professional Counselor. Along with this license, its graduated students can practice as a skillful counselor in their own practice, in a psychiatric hospital, is mental health agency, in university counseling center, and in many places.

Students will be a professional counselor along with these credentials. As professional counselors or LPCs, counselors may conduct assessment, consultation, and/or intervention. In conducting an assessment, counselors should interview the patients clinically, assess, and evaluate the normal and the maladaptive behaviors, and conducting many assessment steps.

In intervention step, counselors should assist individuals to solve life problems and then create more developed lives. Then in consultation step, counselors may conduct a consultation with medical professionals, parents, educators, or other experts about client welfare and issues. Moreover, they should coordinate a service between clients, treatment sites, and the community.

University of Houston Counseling Psychology is a great choice for students who want to be a professional counselor. Dare to be a professional counselor along with this program?