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Health Psychology Masters Programs In The United States

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Psychology degree has some subsets, including forensic psychology and health psychology. Dare to enroll yourself in a health psychology master program in the United States? Before knowing health psychology masters programs in several colleges in the United States, take a look at this information:

What is Health Psychology?

As a subset of psychology, health psychology studies the psychological and also behavioral processes in illness, health, and health care. In this health psychology, students will study and understand how the psychological, cultural, and behavioral factors contribute to illness and physical health.

Since the early 20th century, psychological factors in health had been a subject to be studied. By some disciplines such as behavioral medicine and psychosomatic medicine, psychological factors were studied. Then in the middle of the 20th century, the understanding in medicine of behavioral effect on health started to grow.

Health Psychology Master Program in the United States

As it has grown rapidly, health psychology has been admitted as one subset of psychology. Several colleges in the United States offer health psychology bachelor’s and master degree. We can find some information on health psychology masters programs online. Here are some colleges offer health psychology master programs:

  1. The University of British Columbia (UBC)

The University of British Columbia has two main campuses, which are in Vancouver, Canada, and one in the Okanagan Valley. This university works together with government, community, university partners, and also industry to give augmented educational experience for all students.

Has been received many nobel prizes, the University of British Columbia is a prestigious place to study psychology, including clinical psychology, health psychology, and social personality psychology.

The Department of Psychology of this campus is the top ranked research department in the world and in Canada. One of the best health psychology masters programs Canada is in this campus.

In the MA in Health Psychology, you must complete full-time resident study within two years. Moreover, you need at least 30 credits of coursework. Then, a thesis and research at the annual PsychFest conference must be conducted. For more information on this university, click on this LINK.

  1. University of California (UCLA)

University of California has been broke new ground on the turning of vain into the attainable for almost 100 years. Has brought many nobel prizes, One of the best health psychology masters programs California is in this campus.

The Health Psychology Graduate Major at this prestigious college committed to produce exceptional research scientists that have a major focus in the physical health and disease, and in the intersection of psychological processes.

Particularly, this program gives training in the development, use, and research findings of psychology to explain issues in the mental and physical health. Want to know more about this campus? Click on this LINK.

Both of those universities offer the same qualified and best health psychology masters programs in the United States. It’s your turn to pick one option and pick your future. Dare to be a part of those prestigious universities in the United States?