How to become a psychiatrist with a psychology degree

How To Become A Psychiatrist With A Psychology Degree?

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Alright folks, do you have that question roaming in your mind? No worries, we have got the answer for this question: How to become a psychiatrist with a psychology degree? However, before we dive deeper, are you sure you are sure you know the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist?

If you are unsure, so here is what you need to know. Both Psychiatrist and Psychology have the same goal that is to help you out with the issues related to your mental or behavior. So, how can I become a psychiatrist with a psychology degree?

Psychiatrist and Psychology often work together for the client’s betterment. That’s why their job descriptions are often overlapping. Aside from the similarity, there are several differences that worth to be discussed to answer whether you can be a psychiatrist or not with a psychology degree.

  1. Psychiatrists jobs

Basically, the main question of a bachelor’s degree graduate is: Can I be a psychiatrist with a psychology degree? Well, what is psychiatrist? Psychiatrists are medical doctors who diagnose and treat the mentally ill people. They are licensed and are eligible to give their patients some prescription. They are allowed to do psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and hospitalization during their treatment.

On the other hand, psychologists dig into how people think, how they behave and how they are developed both emotionally and socially. Psychologists assist and treat people with traumatic experiences,  abuse problems or mental disorder as well.

However, different from Psychiatrists, Psychologists can not prescribe medication – it might be the most notable distinction. So, how to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a psychology degree? Read on to find out.

  1. Psychiatrists education and training

With a glance of similarities between psychiatry and psychology, you might think that a degree in psychology is a good choice but in turns out that it doesn’t. So why not? The answer is that before you become a psychiatrist, you need to endeavor to complete a medical degree program. psychiatrists are graduated from medical school and in order to be a psychiatrist you also have to complete around 4 years of a medical internship and a residency in psychiatry.

Now let’s say that you were graduated from a college or university holding a doctoral degree in psychology, can you be a psychiatrist? The answer is that your master degree in psychology does not make you qualified to be a psychiatrist.

As stated before, Psychiatrists have got an M.D. degree in medical school while psychologists are graduated from a psychology area that studied human mind and behavior. Psychologists are not medical doctors and are not trained to prescribe medications.

So, here you go. Back to the big question listed above, can you be a psychiatrist with a master degree in psychology? Again, frankly speaking, Psychology does not make you qualified to be a psychiatrist. Yet, it does not merely and mean that you can’t be a psychiatrist.

You can, you definitely can continue to expand your education to a medical school – though you have completed your psychology degree – and undergo some three to five years training in psychiatry. It does not mean you can’t, it means that you just need more time, energy, education, training and of course more money to be a psychiatrist with your psychology major.

So, have you know the answer of this question: How to become a psychiatrist with a psychology degree? Definitely, you can, with some situations, of course.