What can you do with a bachelor’s in Psychology

What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s In Psychology In Many Fields?

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What’s the most unforgettable moment than working in some workplace right after graduating your bachelor’s degree in Psychology? Yes, that will be both unforgettable and thrilling moment in your life. Still asked this question: What can you do with a bachelor’s in Psychology? You need to read this.

  1. Play Therapist

Play Therapist a good option for you who want to work with children and want to help them understand their world through play. Maybe some of you still have this question: what can you do with a bachelor’s in psychology degree? You must not think that question seriously since there are many career options for you.

Being a play therapist means that you must overcome problems related to trauma and distress in children through play. You will not only work with the children, but you will also work with their parents and families.

To be an expert play therapist, you must have some useful skills, including:

  1. Respecting children without any judgment,
  2. Having good sincerity and sympathy towards others,
  3. Having good imagination and creativity,
  4. Having a good ability to work with children and other professionals, and
  5. Having a good organizational skill.

      2. Air Force Psychologist

Some of you maybe have this question: What can you do with a bachelor’s in psychology in the air force? Now, you have the answer. Yes, you can be an air force psychologist. An air force psychologist has many duties, including evaluating the probable airmen before they’re permitted to enlist.

Moreover, an air force psychologist also helps the airmen and all of their families adjust to military life. Thus, many airmen still need good psychological guidance from an air force psychologist even they’re on active or no longer in an active duty.

  1. Market Researcher

Do you like to conduct a research? Then, this career option will suit you better. Becoming a market researcher means that you must collect data and analyze those data or information so that it can be presented to your clients.

In this case, you must collect information on the economic, social, and political topic. Some tasks will wait for you, such as:

  1. Meet your clients and liaise with them in order to get an agreement on research projects.
  2. Prepare the commissioning research.
  3. Make plans or proposals then present it to a senior manager or directly to clients.
  4. Write and manage the distribution of questionnaires and/or surveys.
  5. Conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys, and so on.

To be a skilled market researcher, you must have good skills and personalities, such as:

  1. Good interpersonal skills,
  2. Able to work in a team and/or individually,
  3. Having a business awareness,
  4. Having the ability to use your initiative,
  5. Having a good attention to detail, and so on.

So, what can you do with a bachelor’s in Psychology? Lots! Explore your ability, improve your skills, and use your background of knowledge to be one that career options.