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All About Masters In Health Psychology

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After graduating from a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, most U.S. students commonly have a dream to continue their study to a prestigious Master’s Degree in Psychology. For you who are interested in continuing your study to a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, here are 3 best masters in health psychology in the U.S. and overview on this subject.

  1. University of Lowa

University of Lowa is claimed to have the best and most affordable Master’s in psychology in 2017. University of Lowa has several specializations, including clinical psychology, health psychology, developmental science, and the social psychology. Moreover, University of Lowa has the most affordable graduate degree program.

University of Lowa is the best choice for you who want to continue your study to a doctoral degree. Dare to be a part of the University of Lowa?

  1. Walden University

Walden University is located in Washington, Minneapolis, the United State of America. This prestigious university offers the Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (accredited). In this degree, you can explore the unusual, but great combination between practical application and research application.

You can learn from the faculty members who are joining themselves in ACA (American Counseling Association).

  1. Grand Canyon University

Located in Phoenix, the U.S., Grand Canyon University offers many master’s degrees, including forensic psychology, life coaching, general psychology, and health psychology. Studying in Grand Canyon University means that you will have flexible schedules. Moreover, you will study in an accredited and prestigious university.

What Do You Want to Be with a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology?

After earning a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, you must have this question in your mind. It’s OK, since there are lots of us asking the same question. For you who already have licensure from the state of from anywhere else, you must be proud of yourself, since you can be a licensed psychologist.

 Moreover, you can also be a social worker. Being a social worker means that you must treat your patient with the best and suitable treatments along with the interdisciplinary treatments.  You can also be a professional researcher in a company or many other settings.

The salaries for a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, graduated student is variable based on several things, including the government salary plan, company salary plans, and your experience of the works.

What Will You Study in Health Psychology?

In Health Psychology, you will study several areas. Here are four among them:

  1. Basic Principles of Health Psychology

In this area, you will study on how psychology influences the behavioral aspects.

  1. Psychosiciology

In this area, you will study how the social aspects influence the development of psychological aspects.

  1. Public Health and the Healthcare System

In this area, you will study about how to apply the quantitative methods and also the statistical modeling of the psychology to understand the health care administration and also the public health care system.

After knowing three best universities providing masters in health psychology, do you want to study more about health psychology in one of those three universities? It’s now your turn to choose.