common interview questions for managers

Common Interview Questions For Managers

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What does it feel like in your first job interview? Most of us might find ourselves nervous and panic no matter how well we have prepared and practiced in front of our mirror. Yes, that’s how things went in your first job interview.

However, if you are preparing an interview for management positions such as manager, supervisor or team leader, you must have been successfully interviewed in the past that nervousness and anxiety are not big deal for you anymore. Despite having a vast experience you have, it will be even better if you make time to review some interview questions first.

The more prepared you are for the interview, the more skilled you will appear! So, here are some common interview questions for managers.

  1. How did you manage a problem?

Well, let’s just put the “Tell me about yourself” question aside, that you might have enough of that in your previous interview. That number one question is the common interview questions for a supervisory position since when you are applying for supervisor or manager positions, you need to demonstrate your ability how to tackle with problems.

In answering this question, you can think of one or two issues you had nicely overcome in your previous office. You can start with the core case and how the case affects your company, describe the way you solved it and also the strategies to prevent the problem to continue to happen in the future.

  1. How did you handle stress?

Don’t tell the interviewers that you have never got stressed, after all, people deal with frustrating situations even just for once. The real thing behind that question is that they need to know how frustration and stress distract you.

A good way to answer this question is that you can go back to your past experience and pick one of the stressful moment that you managed to handle it. It’s just a tip for you that it is better if you don’t focus on the time or deadline. Avoid giving examples that you were in a situation in which the deadline was too tight and you had to complete it immediately.

Instead, you can describe a situation in which you are given multiple tasks and you have to finish it in the same time. Give a clear description of how well you do your job even in a stressful situation. You should admit that stress happened and tell the interviewer how you dealt with it.

  1. What are your goals in the next five years?

This is the third common interview questions for leadership position or managers which is usually used by employers to know whether you plan to move out or not. I know that sometimes you are unsure where precisely you are planning to land in the next few years, but you need to point out a direction.

You can talk about your goals in the future or the position you want to be in, but avoid talking about your unrelated with career path goals like having family or kids.

Well, those are some common interview questions for managers or any leadership positions you might be asked. Be ready!