Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

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Do you ever hear about the Eloise Psychiatric Hospital?  Eloise Psychiatric Hospital name was from one of the post office. This mental hospital was firstly released on July 20, 1894. Its name was inspired from a daughter of Detroit’s postmaster, Eloise Dickerson Davock. There are many exciting things, which relates to this place. Here, we will discuss about it.

  1. Eloise Psychiatric Hospital Location

Eloise Psychiatric Hospital in the past was a huge complex situated in Nankin Township in the Western Wayne County, Michigan. Nankin Township was one of the parts of Wayne County. It included what are now the cities of Livonia, Inkster, Dearborn, Redford, Wayne and Westland. The Eloise had its own police department. Moreover, it also had its fire department and its own railroad.

Eloise Hospital was one of the first hospitals to use X-rays for diagnosing the patient’s condition. It was also home to the first kidney dialysis unit in Michigan. The complex eventually expanded – spanning 902 acres, with more than 70 buildings. At its hit the highest point in the 1920s, the Eloise was a little city along with a hospital and also mental asylum that are housing 10,000 patients and also 2,000 staffs.

The facility had a radium treatment for cancer patients, and the sanitarium was one of the first to use “open air” treatment for tuberculosis patients. Psychiatric patients experienced the electroshock and also insulin shock therapy.

In addition to that fact, the farm operations stopped in 1958, and the incredible psychiatric division started to close in the year of 1977 when the state took over. The main hospital closed in 1984. Today, the Eloise hospital is only constructed by about eight buildings. Meanwhile, the vast land around the Eloise complex has been transformed into incredible strip malls, huge golf courses, and great condos.

  1. Eloise Mental Hospital Records

Several parts of the Eloise complex are closed now (except for one office building), but it indeed has a great and appealing history. Once, there was someone who was looking for records for a cousin who was a resident of Eloise according to the 1930 U.S. Census. This person wondered what she’d been hospitalized for (she was only 23 years old at the time) and how long she stayed there.

This person found no records for her after this listing on the 1930 census, so that this person has no idea what has happened to her. Did she die there? Is she buried there? For your information, over 7,000 people are buried in the Eloise cemetery. Was she discharged and went on to marry and change her name? Who knows? It still was a mystery. The records also said that this great mental hospital has taken care many patients in the past.

After knowing all about  Eloise Psychiatric Hospital, what do you think of this hospital? This hospital has a great history. Unfortunately, this hospital is no longer available for us. In spite of the fact that this great hospital has been closed, this hospital was a great hospital in the past.