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For you who lived in Lincoln, NE, you might be familiar with the Genesis Psychiatric Group. It is a psychiatric in Lincoln, NE. This Genesis Psychiatric Lincoln, NE deals with patients with disorders and mental health problems.


Sit in the 17th Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE, the Genesis Psychiatric Center open from Monday to Friday. Giving quality, harmonized, and health care to those suffered by mental health is their mission.

In treating their patients, this mental health center has a nice point of view: each of our patients is important and unique. Based on this point of view, this mental health center respects each of its patients and gives individualize care for every patient.

This mental health center gives several services for its patients. They are pharmacogenetic testing, medication management, diagnostic evaluation, and also psychotherapy.

Moreover, this mental health center offers telebehavioral and telepsychiatry health service. This service is aimed to the primary care clinics, community mental health centers, outpatient offices, rural hospitals, and other circumstances.

Providers in Genesis

In this mental health center, several psychiatric nurse practitioners are ready to give their best. Here they are:

  1. Michelle Lemon, APRN-NP

As a board certified psychiatric nurse technician, this woman has a wide work experience in treating patients with substance use disorders and mental health problems.

Michelle Lemon is the ex-Director of Behavioral Health Service at the BryanLGH. Worked for several years along with physicians and providers in the community, Michelle Lemon becomes an active psychiatric nurse practitioner.

This brave woman has also involved herself in the mediation and conflict resolution training. Taking Psychiatric Nursing at University of Nebraska Medical Center, Michelle Lemon has served many non-profit boards in her community.

  1. Melissa L. Quick, APRN-NP

Melissa L. Quick, APRN-NP is a psychiatric nurse graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. After graduated from Bachelors and Masters Degrees from nursing at that university, Melissa continued her study in Doane College. As a native of Lincoln, NE, Melissa is fond of spending time with her family and her two greyhounds.

  1. Trish Jobman, APRN-NP

Trish Jobman is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who got his Bachelor’s degree in nursing from the United Center. Then she continued her study at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska.

Having lots of experience of treating children, adolescents, and adults who suffered from a mental health problem and substance use disorder, Trish Jobman is now a skilled psychiatric nurse practitioner in Genesis.

  1. Jason Schmid, LIMHP

Since he has a small private practice, Jason Schmid has a wide experience in treating children, adolescents, and adults who suffered from a mental health problem and substance use disorders.

  1. Melissa Schmid, LIMHP

Melissa Schmid has her experience of the extensive work in the Multi-Systemic Therapy models. In Genesis, Melissa gives family and individual therapy.

  1. Bonnie Brown, LMHP

As a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Bonnie works commonly with patients who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

Genesis Psychiatric is a mental health center in Lincoln, NE that will help patients with mental health problems. For more information, just click on this SITE.