how to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner

How To Become A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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A psychiatric nurse practitioner is a professional in nursing who works usually with psychiatrists or the other mental professionals to treat patients suffered from psychiatric disorders. And then the question is how to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner?

About a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is a skilled person who will treat patients who have both chronic and acute mental health problems. A psychiatric nurse practitioner commonly deals with several psychiatric disorders, including psychosomatic disorders, personality disorders, psychoneurosis, and psychosexual disorders.

The examples of those disorders are hysterical, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression. The first step psychiatric nurse practitioners should do is diagnosing the patients. Then they should treat their patients with the proper medications or treatments.

A psychiatric nurse practitioner can work in hospitals, in health facilities, in the outpatient clinics, and also work in private practices. They may work together with a psychiatrist or doctor without any supervision. Moreover, a psychiatric nurse practitioner also may work as a counselor or educators for medical patients and also their families.

How to be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner?

Interested to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner? Before enrolling yourself to be a skilled psychiatric nurse practitioner, you should know these steps.

  1. Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

If you want to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner, the first step you should take is earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing. It will usually take several years. Generally, you should take a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

In nursing degree usually you will learn about the anatomy & physiology, the pharmacology & pathophysiology basic, the health assessment, and also the nursing for all life stages. Moreover, you will learn about how to conduct the clinical rotations as a part of your graduation requirements.

  1. Get Your State Licensure

After graduated yourself from your Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, you should obtain your licensure(s). The licensure(s) will help you in applying jobs as a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioners.

  1. Gain Your Experience

As a new psychiatric nurse practitioner, gain your experience by working in broad specialties, like inpatient mental health facilities and geriatrics. You must have at least one or two years of experience as a clinical psychiatric nurse.

  1. Earn Your Doctorate or Master’s Degree

Although it’s not necessary, a Doctorate or Master’s Degree will help you to increase your future prospects, such as your salary and your experience.

  1. Be a Certified Nurse Practitioner

Being a certified nurse practitioner means that you will receive more benefits. You will also have more competence, more research experience, and more chances to broaden your career options.

  1. Get Your State Nurse Practitioner License

After you are licensed by the state nursing board under the RN licenses, you can receive more and more benefit.

Those steps answer this question: how to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner? Becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner is easy with those six steps. Dare to be licensed psychiatric nurse practitioners? Go and catch your dream as a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner.