careers with a bachelor’s degree in psychology

Ideas Of Careers With A Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology

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After graduating from a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, many fresh graduates feel so confused. They usually have the same problem: what are the best careers with a bachelor’s degree in psychology? Here are the career options after graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

  1. Marriage and Family Therapist

A marriage and a family are not always bringing happiness for all of us. Sometimes, it brings problems or something confusing. A marriage and family therapist is a common career with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. They should facilitate the behavioral change in a marriage or family sphere. To be a skilled marriage and family therapist, you should finish your bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Then, you can also continue your study to a master’s degree or doctorate in psychology. It’s better for you to get licensures and or work experiences. A marriage and family therapist can work individually in his or her own private practice or work in a hospital together with the psychiatrist or the social worker.

  1. Sport Psychologist

Having an interest in a psychological health and also performance of athletes? Become a sport psychologist can be one interesting and enjoying career option for you. A sport psychologist is a job with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

You should work with the training coaches and also the rehabilitation and building program teams. A sport psychologist should also give counseling to athletes who need it. To be a sport psychologist, you must learn more about sports and everything about it.

  1. School Counselor

Having an interest in the development of psychological problems of students in schools? Being a school counselor will suit you better. A school counselor usually deals with troubled children. Moreover, a school counselor must have awareness on the mental health of the school employees too.

In some areas, you must take several additions of licensures or study before you’re going to apply a job as a school counselor.

  1. Career Counselor

Similarly with the school counselor, a career counselor deal with troubled people – people who have trouble in their career or in looking for the best career. A career counselor must be able to explore clients’ interests, personality, aptitude and attitude, and also clients’ education background.

  1. Engineering Psychologist

An engineering, psychology will deal with a company and everything in it, including its employees, its system, and its products. The engineering psychologist will take part in every part of the company. Along with the assistance of an engineering psychologist, a company will grow bigger and better.

  1. Military Psychologist

A military psychologist must conduct psychiatric evaluations, and then he/she must assess and treat mental and emotional disorders. Moreover, he/she must provide counseling services to the service members and also their families.

Several common problems faced by military personnel are including the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, depression, anxiety, and also sleep issues such as insomnia.

Those six professions are options of careers with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Choose one and pursue your dream as a graduated in a bachelor’s degree in psychology.