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You may have some difficulties of browsing information on Dominion Psychiatric recently. Here is the latest information that you may get on Dominion Psychiatric.

  1. Dominion Psychiatric Associates

Even you may have lacked information on Dominion Psychiatric, but there still has the information on Dominion Psychiatric Associates. Dominion Psychiatric Associates are located in Virginia Beach. Unfortunately, it has been closed.

Elizabeth Simpson wrote in The Virginian-Pilot on September 27 2016 that Dominion Psychiatric Associates was closed on November 11 2016. It has been closed after 40 years of providing mental health care in Hampton Roads. You may still check the website and you can read that the location of the office is at 2580 Potters Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23545-4324. There is also a phone number that you can call: (757) 498-9391.

Moreover, there is also the information on its office hours. It is said that the office has normal hours of operation. Business office staff is available Monday until Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. This may seem that it has good quality services. There is a note that a select number of the therapists and doctors see their patients until 9.00 P.M., weekends, and holiday.

In The Virginian-Pilot she explained the facts briefly. She wrote that there was a note which said that they had a privilege to serve their patients and referring provider over the years.

“We value your well being and this decision was hard for us to make.”

  1. Dominion Psychiatric Doctors

In fact, there is lack information on Dominion Psychiatric. On the other hand, Dominion Psychiatric is built for helping countless people over the years because this office has an unparalleled team of dedicated professionals.

  1. D
  • Regina Cenzon is an adult psychiatrist in practice since 1998.
  • Elizabeth Kamin is an adolescent and adult psychiatrist.
  • Robert Mitchell is an adult and geriatric psychiatrist in practice over 40 years.
  1. PA/PA-C
  • Scott L. Kane, PA is a Physician Assistant who sees adult population ages 18 and up.
  • Frank Kara, PA is a Physician Assistant who sees adult population ages 18 and up.
  1. D./Psy.D.
  • Emilio Cortes, Psy.D works primarily with adults and individuals specializing in Depression, Anxiety/Panic, Stress, relationship issues, PTSD, and sleep problems.
  • Adelia Gregoire, Psy.D has over 10 years of experience. She works with adolescents and adults.
  • Mark Warren, Ph.D., has over 36 years of experience and is former USMC. He works with children over the age of four and adults.
  • Ken Cooke, LPC obtained his Bachelors of Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and received his Masters of Counseling through the University of Phoenix. He sees populations of 14 to 65. He works with individuals as well as family counseling.
  • Trudy Kim, ATR-BC, LPC, NCC is a Board Certified Art Therapist.
  • Laurie Grant, LCSW graduated from Western Kentucky University and Norfolk State University. She has over 20 years experience treating patients in the mental health field through inpatient, Community Services Board, and private practice.
  • Peggy Lidstrom, LCSW has over 25 years of experience with children over the age of 12, adults and older adults.

Now you can understand the reasons of lack information about Dominion Psychiatric.