PhD Clinical Psychology Programs

PhD Clinical Psychology Programs (an Overview)

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After graduating from a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, most students will continue their study to a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Furthermore, if graduated students want to broaden their wings, they can continue their education with a Doctorate Program.

There are various subsets of psychology, including clinical psychology. Here is an overview of Clinical Psychology Programs.

About a PhD Clinical Psychology Program

PhD program or the Doctorate Program in Clinical Psychology, students’ focus in on conducting researches, providing clinical services, and evaluating clinical services. As a research-focus program, all students will be trained to conduct their own research. Moreover, they will collaborate with the faculty to study, conduct, manage, evaluate, present, and publish their psychological research.

After graduating from the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology, students should pursue their clinical science research careers in various settings, such as in their colleges, schools, medical schools, hospitals, and medical centers. A PhD Program is not suitable for you who want to be a private practitioner.

Before entering yourself in university, take a look at this list. Here are several best universities offering best PhD Program for you.

  1. Ohio State University

Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio. In this university, you can find a prestigious PhD Program or Doctorate Program in Clinical Psychology. A student in this program has two choices: health psychology and adult clinical. If you enter this program, you will learn about how to plan, conduct, present, and also publish your research.

  1. Pennsylvania State University

This university is located in University Park, Pennsylvania. Offering a PhD Program in Clinical Psychology, Pennsylvania State University has two options for you: the child clinical psychology or the adult psychology.

  1. University of Florida

Located in Gainesville, Florida, University of Florida has four main areas: clinical health psychology, pediatric psychology, Neurorehabilitation, and also the clinical neuroscience. All students in this program will be prepared to cherish bright careers in practical field and in the research field.

  1. Binghamton University, State University of New York

This university is located in Binghamton, New York. This university offers a PhD clinical psychology program in New York. This prestigious facilitate all of its students to conduct research. This program has several areas of study, including child clinical, adult psychopatology, Neuropsychology, and marriage and family research.

  1. Loyola University, Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is located in Chicago, Illinois. Offering a PhD in Clinical Psychology, this university has links with many medical centers, hospitals, mental health facilities, and many clinics in the Chicago metropolitan area.

This relationship is helpful, since the students have enough access to good training experience along with diverse patients’ conditions and diverse settings. Moreover, this program is emphasizing the clinical research in the applied clinical setting. A research like this is good, since it has a good relationship between the mental health facility in Chicago and the program.

After knowing about the PhD Clinical Psychology Programs, do you want to go with this program? This program is good for you who want to study and conduct research.