What is IO Psychology

What Is IO Psychology?

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Psychology has several subsets, including forensic psychology, health psychology, and IO psychology. In this occasion, we will discuss the IO psychology. What is IO psychology? Here is all about IO psychology:

  1. What is the Purpose of IO Psychology?

IO psychology stands for Industrial-Organizational psychology. It’s a subset of psychology, which applies psychological principles and theories to the organization. This subset of psychology has a main point, which is to increase productivity of a workplace.

Moreover, IO psychology also has a focus to increase the mental and physical well-being of employees in a workplace. The main point of the IO psychology is to study, learn, and understand people’s behavior in a workplace.

  1. Key Areas of the IO Psychology

A book by Muchinsky has revealed six main areas of IO psychology. The book is Psychology Applied to Work: an Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology. These six areas are:

  1. Organizational Development

IO psychologist working in the Organizational Development area helps an organization to have an improvement by increasing its profits, re-designing its products, and improving the overall organizational structure.

  1. Training and Development

IO psychologist working in the Training and Development area decides skill types needed in specific jobs. Moreover, they are also developing, manage, and evaluate the training programs of employee.

  1. Employee Selection

IO psychologists in this area should develop assessments for employee selection, such as screening tests.

  1. Performance Management

IO psychologists working in this area develop the assessment and also technique to decide if employees are doing their responsibility and great jobs.

  1. Ergonomics

This area engages designing the procedure and also equipment in order to take full advantage of the employee’s performance and to reduce the injury.

  1. Work Life

In this area, IO psychologists should have a point of improving the employee satisfaction and takes full advantage of the workplace productivity.

  1. What is the Difference between IO Psychology and Human Resources?

Here are the main differences between IO psychology and Human Resources:

  1. IO Psychology

IO psychological applies the principles of psychology to the workplace. Commonly, an IO psychologist is a consultant in a workplace.

  1. Human Resources

A human resources manager is a part of the management team. It has a job to plan, direct, and also coordinates a management function on an organization. Commonly, a human resources manager is also an employee at a workplace.

  1. What is IO Psychology Salary?

A human resources manager commonly receives more average annual salary than an IO psychologist. It can be true, since a human resources team acts as two different personalities: a psychologist or consultant, and a common employee.

The salary is basically depends on the experience, responsibility, and the employer. If an IO psychology has a great experience and responsibility, the employer might give this IO psychologist more salary.

After studying more about the IO psychology, its difference with human resources, and its salary, it’s your time to start working as an IO psychologist. So, have you get an answer of this question: What is IO Psychology?