School Psychology PhD Programs in the U.S

School Psychology PhD Programs In The United State Of America (an Overview)

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Get interested in schools, children, young learners, and all of school circumstances? Maybe you might be a good school psychologist one day. To be a professional school psychologist, you must study in a Bachelor’s Degree in School Psychology, and then continue your study to a Master’s Degree in School Psychology. If you want to be more professional and skilled school psychologist, continue your study in the School Psychology PhD Programs.

This program will allow you to conduct more research, to study more about school psychology, and to know more about the school and all aspects of it based on the psychological aspect.

What does a School Psychologist Do?

A psychologist is a person in a school who conducts the assessment, provide consultation session, and also provide the assessment service in the school settings. Moreover, a school psychologist can also work in hospitals, private clinics, or clinics. A school psychologist can also work as a teacher or researcher at several universities.

Where to Go?

Want to study a PhD program in School Psychology? here are several best universities in the U.S. that offers PhD program in School Psychology.

  1. Indiana State University

Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, this university offers a PhD program in Guidance and Psychological Services. In this program, we can find a specialization that is School Psychology. All students must complete course works, practical and the internship, the preliminary examinations, and also the dissertation within 5 years.

All students will conduct the direct services to adolescent and children. Moreover, they should provide consultation together with all school staffs and teachers. They should also give supervision to the graduate students.

  1. Syracuse University

Located in Syracuse, New York, this university offers PhD program in School Psychology.  In this university, students will be provided with the 4-years funding via assistantships, clinical externships, fellowships, and also clinical internships. In this PhD program, all students have great opportunity to learn, study, train, and also provide services in clinics, schools, and also hospitals.

  1. Loyola University Chicago

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this university offers a PhD program in School Psychology. All students will have same opportunity to pick up their specialty (concentration), curriculum, and also their instruction. Several areas of study in this program are research methodology, mental health in schools, and the supervision.

  1. University of California, Santa Barbara

This university is located in Santa Barbara, California. Offering one of the best school psychology PhD programs California, this university offers the combined doctoral program. The major goal of University of California, Santa Barbara is to prepare all of its students to the research and academic positions.

  1. University of South Florida

Located in Tampa, Florida, this university offers PhD in School Psychology. This university has several areas of study; there are school-based mental health services, organizational consultation, and the pediatric school psychology. It will take one or two years of study to finish the doctoral studies.

Dare to go to School Psychology PhD Programs in the U.S.? Go and get your best campus and future.